The chance of a week of sun in a tropical paradise during the cold and harsh winter months is irresistible at some of the best places to visit in December around the world.

Singapore is Asia’s melting pot

If anyone had to sum up Asia in one city, it had to be Singapore. The city’s roots stem from an amalgamation of cultures from all over Asia that morphed into a modern society. It is one of the best places to visit in Asia in December.

Jamaica: A Caribbean Vacation Destination

Jamaica is the best place to go for a beach vacation in a tropical setting. On the beaches of Jamaica, you can drink pina coladas and margaritas and listen to reggae music. It is best known for its exciting activities, lively nightlife, and beautiful plants and animals. Also, the weather in December is warm and sunny, which makes it a great place to go to get away from the cold winter in India. Don’t forget to go to Nergil Beach, which is like the crown jewel of the island. Enjoy the ride on the bamboo raft and the lush plants in the country.

Cusco: Historic Vibe


This city in the Peruvian Andes is famous for its rock art from the Inca Empire, of which it was the capital. Cusco is also well-known for its magnificent Spanish colonial architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has fascinating streets through which you can explore the city on walking tours. If you visit Cusco in December, you will have the opportunity to see its beauty enhanced by the wet season. This is what makes Cusco one of the best places to visit in December all over the world.

For the Love of Islands – Philippines

The Philippines’ popularity among tourists stems from the country’s 7100 islands. Explore the breathtaking beauty of this location and immerse yourself in the unique island experiences. Boracay Island in the Philippines is a must-see while on vacation.

Guatemala – A Taste Of Nature And Adventure

Guatemala is one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit. Guatemala is the best place to go if you want to experience adventure and nature. The charm of colonial buildings and the signs of earthquakes make this Central American country an interesting place to visit.

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