Solo travel can be a great way to meet people, whether you go by yourself or with a group. In fact, I’ve found that travelling alone gives me more chances to meet locals and other travellers and have deep conversations than travelling with a friend.

Take a trip by train

Trains have always struck me as very social. The dining and observation cars are especially enjoyable, but even coach can be enjoyable. I met a number of people while travelling by train across northern British Columbia. The trip included two small tour groups.

Talk to strangers

Leaders have a talent at making small talk. It’s difficult for us introverts, but we can pull it off. You can do it, too; I figured it out. Learn From Your Own Experiences While Traveling Alone and Communicating with Complete Strangers.

Visit communal-table restaurants

These can be a little difficult to come by, but they are becoming more common. You might find a few possibilities if you Google your destination, restaurant, and shared table.

Continue to use local services

If you are staying in one place for a while, you should always go to the same greengrocer, flower shop, or restaurant. Be friendly. People will notice that you are a new regular, and they will eventually start talking to you.

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