Mexico is an incredible destination to visit, despite its somewhat negative reputation. Is it truly secure to visit? What if you are a woman travelling alone? In this guest post, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse provides safety guidelines and guidance to assist solo female travellers explore Mexico with ease.

Mexico’s tastes, smells, sights, and sounds are irresistible. It was my first international trip, and I think of Mexico whenever I want a warm, welcoming adventure that is easy and accessible.

However, people with little to no Mexico travel experience may try to talk you out of going alone. They’ve only seen negative news, so they have a negative impression of the entire country. After all, Mexico has a global reputation for having high crime rates. So, yes, you should be aware of this when travelling there, especially if you are travelling alone.

Learn some basic Spanish


Knowing some key phrases, especially if you’re a woman travelling alone, can make your trip go more smoothly. You’ll be able to communicate with locals, get home safely if the taxi driver doesn’t speak English, and recognise when someone is crossing a line when speaking to you.

However, the fundamentals are frequently sufficient, and Mexico is an excellent place to learn more. Mexicans are generally friendly and forgiving of those who attempt to speak their language.

Tell someone where you are

If you are travelling alone, tell a friend or family member at home where you are going and how often you will be checking in. Before I started travelling internationally 10 years ago, I added my mom to my bank account so that if it ever got locked while I was abroad, she could easily call and approve the charges. She has saved me many times, like when my bank kept trying to block my card while I was on a trip across Africa by land.

Get a SIM card from Mexico

If you are from the US, you may be able to use your cell phone in Mexico for no extra charge. If not, you might want to get a SIM card when you get to Mexico. A Telcel card only costs 150 pesos ($7.50 USD), and you can easily add data to it online or at any OXXO store (24-hour convenience store).

I almost always get local SIM cards because they work better and are so much cheaper than using your regular SIM. I just ask a friend or someone I meet at a hostel who speaks both Spanish and English to help me get mine in Mexico, since my Spanish isn’t good enough to do it myself.
But once that’s done, I’ll be able to find my way, make local calls when I need to, and always be connected.

Find friends so you don’t feel so alone

Since I love everything about the ocean, I signed up to swim with sharks when I was in Baja California. I ran into a friend with whom I’d swum with whales in French Polynesia on the boat! But even if I didn’t know anyone on the boat, I usually make new friends every time I do something, so I’d have a group of people to have dinner with that night or hang out with and do more things with in the days to come.

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