One, you should send a scan of your passport to yourself in an email.

Although it’s recommended that you keep a hard copy of your passport on you at all times, misplacing or losing it can happen at any time. You can keep your passport safe in the event of an emergency by sending a scan of it to yourself through email. You may avoid a lot of hassle by doing the same with additional travel confirmations (tickets, etc.) and scanning or screenshotting them.

Second, to save space, roll your clothing.


Packing light saves time and energy. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is one of the best and simplest packing tricks. This technique not only prevents wrinkles in your clothing but also helps you save valuable storage space. Small rolled tubes allow you to see exactly what you’ve stored away.

Third, join Headout for discounted last-minute travel.

Have you decided on a whim to take a trip and are now searching for fantastic last-minute deals? By signing up for Headout, you’ll gain access to exclusive deals on some of the city’s best attractions and tours. Headout is a terrific way to make sure you don’t miss out on any offers before they’re gone for good.

Forget about tip #4 until you’ve worked off your jet lag by going for a run.

Exercising is one strategy to overcome the depressive affects of jet lag. To combat jet lag, it is recommended to go for a run or do some gentle workouts, such as yoga or resistance band training. It’s also a good idea to stay awake as much of the flight as possible.

Fifth, use apps like Travel Buddy and Backpackr to meet people while you’re away.

Your worries about meeting genuine locals on your travels or making new acquaintances will soon be a thing of the past. There are apps designed for that very purpose. There is no need to ever feel uncomfortable about approaching strangers again; just download Backpackr or Travel Buddies and make new friends without ever leaving your couch. Instead, the app will match you with similar local travellers based on your preferences and interests. You may coordinate hangouts and view each other’s schedules.

Refrigerating your rechargeable batteries is tip number six.

It’s frustrating when your rechargeable batteries go sooner than expected. However, there is a clever trick you can use when travelling to ensure that your batteries remain fully charged and fresh for as long as possible: store them in the refrigerator. It may sound counterintuitive, but most rechargeable batteries can keep 90% of their charge when stored in the fridge.

If you’re looking for the most exciting nightlife in town, tip #7 is to join a pub crawl.

You don’t have to fork over additional cash and join up for a pub crawl package to enjoy the nightlife of any city. Instead, use this tried-and-true method to discover the best pub crawl routes. You’ll probably run into other visitors and travellers, or maybe even a tour group, here. You’ll then need only tag along for no additional cost.

Don’t cancel flights at random. #8

Purchasing a nonrefundable plane ticket is risky, but it does have an upside. Remember this pro-tip in case your plans change and you end up missing that flight: do not cancel your ticket or fail to show up. Do this because, in the extremely unlikely event of a flight cancellation or itinerary change, you may be eligible for a credit or refund. You would be entitled to no compensation in the event of a ticket cancellation.

Number Nine: Bring an Extra Long USB Cable, Especially for Hostels

Your electronic devices are your BFFs throughout your travelling journey and they need to be looked for, which requires continuous recharges. Having an extension cord or power strip is, thus, one of the most important travel hacks, especially if you’ll be staying in a hostel and having to share outlets with other guests. Without a shadow of a doubt, having an extension cord will also make you the centre of attention.

10 Download Google Maps offline

Many people believe that using Google Maps without an internet connection is just as pointless as using a paper map. However, you shouldn’t let things like a spotty signal or the cost of your data plan prevent you from using Google Maps when you’re out of cell phone range. Simply access the location you wish to save on Google Maps while in aeroplane mode, put “ok map” into the search bar, and then click “download.”

11 When you’re in a foreign nation, Google Translate is a godsend. Obtain it via downloading.

If you’re travelling internationally and you know that the locals speak a language other than your own, don’t let the language barrier ruin your trip; instead, download Google Translate before you leave. It enables you to snap images of foreign-language text and instantly learn its meaning. Google Translate, like Google Maps, may be used while flying.

No. 12 Having access to WiFi should be a given and not a perk. Just take what you want!

You should be able to connect to WiFi anywhere you go because by this point it is everyone’s basic human right. Find the equivalent of an airport’s first class lounge, log into the free WiFi there, and surf away. Just as you would not think twice about using a luxury restaurant’s WiFi if you were at home, the same logic applies if you were out and about. When a password is required to access the wifi, you can look it up on FourSquare. This includes many popular eateries and coffee shops.

13 Spend less of your vacation waiting in lines by buying skip-the-line tickets in advance.

You don’t want to be that tourist who spends more time waiting in line than really seeing the sights, so try to avoid situations if possible. Avoiding this situation entirely is possible by obtaining skip-the-line tickets in advance for tours and other events. Headout offers a wide variety of tours and tickets that allow you to skip the ticket line in more than 50 locations around the world.

Number Fourteen: Buying Extras at the Time of Booking Will Save You Money

You can save a lot of money by purchasing optional extras like additional baggage, priority boarding, airport lounge access, seat reservations, and travel insurance at the time of booking your flight instead of purchasing them separately. The price will go up for no good reason if you decide to buy extras later.

Avoid exchanging money at airports at all costs.

It is no longer necessary to change money at the airport or at a local currency exchange because there are ATMs and cash machines everywhere. Not only do these money changers impose their own fees on their customers, but they often offer exchange rates that are significantly worse than those offered by standard financial institutions.

Choose extended layovers to sightsee in unfamiliar cities.

Choosing a flight with a lengthy layover can give you extra time to sightsee in the cities you pass through. Taking advantage of this is highly recommended, and many travellers even select flights with 12-hour or longer layovers so that they can spend an entire day in a different location.

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