Keep your jewellery understated.


Putting on ostentatious displays of valuables can make you a prime target for theft. Friends, if you plan to visit any crowded areas, please leave it at home.

Second, don’t become drunk on the job.

One of the most crucial travel safety recommendations ever.

There’s nothing wrong with checking out the local nightlife when you’re away from home. However, remember that it is more crucial than ever to drink sensibly while away from home.

If you’re out late and drinking, you increase your risk of getting lost or wandering into an unsafe area, where you could be the victim of a con, robbery, or worse.

Oh, and ladies, the number one rule of public drinking is this: always keep an eye on what you’re drinking.

Third, make wise financial decisions.

When travelling, it is never a good idea to carry large sums of cash, as any reliable safety guide will tell you. Instead, you might utilise local ATMs if you opened an account with an international bank or credit card firm. If you need to withdraw a lot of money at once, it’s best to leave most of it in a safe deposit box at your hotel or hostel and take out only the amount you’ll need for the day.

Only utilise ATMs that are affiliated with banks because they are less likely to have been tampered with.

Don’t put all of your financial eggs in one basket. Distribute your cash and credit cards in multiple locations so that if one is broken into, you won’t be absolutely destitute.

Fourth, keep an eye out for common con tricks.

Before travelling somewhere new, it’s a good idea to learn about common scams practised there. Con artists use anything from RFID scanners to appeal to your sense of compassion when pulling off a scam. The more you know about these cons, the less likely you are to fall for them

Keep an emergency number handy.

Before you arrive, it’s a good idea to seek up the local emergency services number. Find the location and contact information for the embassy of your home country before you depart. Make sure you have them written down or saved in your phone so you can easily access them in a need.

Make sure you’re using the proper bag in tip number six.


If you’re worried about somebody snatching your handbag as you run or drive, a cross-body bag is a better option than a traditional handbag or shoulder bag. There is a plethora of bags available with security features like slash-proof straps, RFID blockers, and locking zippers, all of which are designed with the needs of travellers in mind. Get yourself a quality bag that serves your purposes and tastes.

Seven, utilise travel locks wherever you can.

Bringing your own lock to a hostel can save you money. Having a travel lock that allows you to fasten your bag to your chair while out to dinner or riding the bus will assist prevent theft even if you are not staying in a hostel.

Eight, make sure you have electronic backups of crucial papers

In many instances, a person’s passport will be the most priceless possession while travelling. If your passport is lost or stolen, having a digital duplicate on hand might speed up the replacement procedure.

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Attempt to Blend In

Tourists are easy targets since they frequently carry huge sums of money and goods. Don’t make yourself too noticeable as a tourist.

Wear what the locals wear, don’t halt in the middle of the street to snap photos, and if you get lost, don’t make it obvious. Visit a store or cafe to do things like checking a map or asking for directions.

Tenth, hire dependable transportation services.

You should find out in advance which taxi services have a good reputation in a city and only utilise those. Before getting into the car with a driver you found through a ridesharing app, like Uber or Lyft, be sure you’ve checked their name and vehicle details.

Maintain frequent contact with loved ones

Please inform a trusted friend or family member of your travel intentions before you leave, and keep them apprised of any adjustments. Establish a nightly routine of touching base with a reliable home contact, be it a loved one or trusted acquaintance.

I realise this may be an inconvenience, but better safe than sorry. If someone knows where you were scheduled to be on a certain day, emergency services will be able to respond more quickly in the event of a catastrophic event.

Seek guidance from natives

If you’re staying in a hostel or hotel, you can ask for advice on how to identify safe and unsafe areas to visit and then mark them on a map before you leave.

Download an app that notifies you of potential danger.

Travelers can choose from a number of different apps that seek to inform them about how to stay secure while they’re away from home.

The Sitata app is wonderful since it notifies users in real time of any travel-related threats or inconveniences. As an added bonus, it assists its users in finding nearby hospitals and provides advice on how to avoid the most recent scams.

The United States Department of State has released an official travel app called Smart Traveler. Notifications for travel alerts and advisories, as well as the locations of U.S. embassies, are just two of the many helpful tools. Even while I’m sure there are equivalent apps available to people in other nations, I was unable to locate any information about them.
Pay attention to your environment at all times.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a busy tourist area or a deserted street, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

Criminals look for victims who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around them. This is of utmost importance for those travelling alone, especially women.

Try to believe in yourself and your gut

There is probably a good reason why you feel uneasy with a certain person or in a particular setting. Our “gut feelings” are often based on information that our subconscious has picked up on that our conscious mind has ignored. Attend to your emotions. They’re here to ensure your safety.

With these basic travel safety guidelines under your belt, you are ready to see the globe.

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